“Harvest” Your Dining Options!

The dining options on campus can easily become monotonous. Houston Hall for dining dollars and Hill or Commons for meals swipes (the truth is that Kings Court is too far). Mix in Einstein Bagels and McClelland, and you may have enough versatility to last you three weeks, maybe a month. So everyone once in a while, my friends treat ourselves to a nice dinner out. This weekend, we visited Harvest.

Located on the corner of 40th and Walnut, Harvest is a seasonal restaurant serving mostly 500-calorie maximum meals. Any meal exceeding the limit is indicated with a red marker on the menu. At first, I was suspicious about the quality of the meal after being informed of this, but I was pleasantly surprised.

We started off with two appetizers: Margherita and Pear & Bleu Flatbread. Although flatbread is very light and thin, it was still very satisfying. The margherita flat bread consisted of fresh tomato sauce, house made mozzarella, and basil; hinting at a delicious homemade pizza. Equally as delicious, but perhaps incomparable, was the pear and bleu flatbread which consisted of seasonal pears, birch run hills bleu cheese, baby arugula, and fig glaze. This dish took our sweet taste buds for a ride!

Next up was the main course! I ordered Coq Au Vin. The chicken was tender, soft and well seasoned. Accompanied by pancetta, pearl onions, roasted fingerling potatoes, merlot sauce, it couldn’t get any better than that! The rest of the girls ordered and thoroughly enjoyed the Butternut Squash Soup, the Brick Oven Roasted Acorn Squash, Grass Fed Beef Burger, and the Porcini Mushroom Pappardella vegetarian option! So make sure to try them out!

Definitely check out Harvest. You can find their menu here– and its guaranteed to keep you coming back since it is constantly changing! BONUS: Make sure to sign up for exclusive offers when paying for the bill. You’ll receive email coupons for free flatbreads!

A good balance between healthy and affordable options, Harvest is a must! Sometimes just dressing up and being surrounded by great friends and good atmosphere can start your weekend of right!

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One Response to “Harvest” Your Dining Options!

  1. I’ve heard of pear and bleu cheese salads, but never a flatbread! I doubt any of the restaurants where I live would make something like that, but since your description made my mouth water, I may just have to try to make my own…

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