Happy Second Semester!

Happy New Year My Fellow-Fisher Hassenfelders! (Even though it’s only been two weeks, doesn’t 2013 feel like such old news?) I must say however, that this New Years Eve holiday was different for me in comparison to any of the other New Years. This New Years Eve was probably the first time that I’d ever felt sad or perhaps sentimental about leaving a year behind. For me, 2012 was an incredible year. Amongst various events, it was the year that I was a second semester senior in high school and accepted to Penn (a dream come true!) And now, with 2013 amongst us, it means that high school is truly over and Penn is really my new home! I have since come to terms with these ideas and am so excited to see what incredible opportunities, memories, and experiences await for me at Penn.

And to think, we’ve already completed one semester! Make it count my Fisher Hassenfelders! Undoubtedly, I too am in complete disbelief that the infamous winter break has come and gone. The holiday cheer and the new year all seem to be old news as second semester has commenced in what seems to be a rapid blur. The usual stress of textbook purchases (why are they so expensive? pennbookbazaar.com anyone?) and the switching of recitation sections in search of that perfect TA have all come back around again to haunt us.

FH doorWith many of us taking one more class than we did in the fall, or juggling a newly acquired leadership role in our clubs, we wonder can we manage it all? And now, in the midst of rush, when it seems like EVERYONE (not true; make sure to check out the Dear John for alternative rush events)  is rushing, we sometimes seem to doubt whether we can do it! But I am here to say-YES, yes we can! I want to remind you that of course we can do it; that is why we are here! And while it may seem like there is no end now, it only gets better from here! So go out and get that quote as newly appointed beat reporter of the DP, or smile and have a great time at the sorority/fraternity house even if they weren’t your number one choice, or just enjoy second semester and the opportunity we have to start over. Whichever it is, just have fun doing it and enjoy it all in the moment!

blurry locust walk

Happy Second Semester!

FH Door photo by Rolanda Evelyn, Locust Walk photo by Alan Turkus (used under a Flickr Creative Commons License)
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