“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”…Restaurant Week!

It’s that time of year again: Restaurant Week. Restaurant Week in Philadelphia is one of the most delectable weeks of the year, and you can enjoy it all without breaking the bank. This year, the foodie event started on January 20th and will run until February 1st! So get out and about, Fisher Hassenfelders, and take advantage of those sweet deals! Many of the participating restaurant offer three course dinners for $35 per person and 3 course lunch meals for $20 per person. On Sunday, Fisher Hassenfeld subsidized a lunch trip to Aki Sushi! In other words, we had a 4-course meal for $10 dollars (yes, $10 dollars)!

Miso SoupEdamame

For the first course, we had the choice of edamame, house green salad, or miso soup. Each one of us opted for different selections; I opted for the miso soup. The warming sensation of the tofu, scallions, and seaweed was enough to get me excited about the next three courses.

shrim shumaisalmon saladFor the second course, there a huge assortment of options that it was so difficult to decide on ONE dish. In the end, I chose the shrimp shumai. The waitress then asked me “Grilled? Or fried?”  To which I responded, “Fried,” after thinking to myself ‘you only live once.’ I was not disappointed! Tzvetomir, one of my fellow Fishermates, opted for the tofu while David, a FH RA, opted for the ‘fusion spicy salmon’. Topped with mixed greens and the chef’s special spicy mayo, David had no complaints!

aki sushi rollsThe third course then approached (I know, I can’t believe there are still 2 more courses left either)! If thought choosing my second course was difficult, then choosing the third course was impossible. With 5 dishes ranging from a spicy tuna and shrimp tempura roll to an angry lobster roll, the possibilities were all so exciting. I opted for the sushi and sashimi which included the chef’s choice of 5 pieces sushi, 6 pieces sashimi & a California Roll. I couldn’t even finish the entire dish! Pan Pan, David, and Tzvetomir all helped me!

fried ice creamAnd last but not least was DESSERT! I was beyond excited for dessert because 1. Well, hello! It’s DESSERT and 2. Three words- Tempura. Ice. Cream. I had never tasted fried ice cream before Sunday, but I can tell you now that I think my world has forever been changed. I don’t know how I lived 18 years without ever tasting it. The juxtaposition between the warm and thick exterior of the tempura with the frozen, melting sensation of the (chocolate) ice cream was priceless. Words could never capture my love for this sweet treat!

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there in Philly and explore! Take advantage of Restaurant Week before it ends – see a full list of particpating restaurants here: http://www.centercityphila.org/life/RWRestaurants.php! FH’s 2nd trip on Friday to Amada is sold out, but there are so many cool events that FH and Philly have to offer; don’t be afraid to explore! For cool Philadventure ideas, check out the Dear John!

Aki sushi group

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