To major in Neuroscience or Not to Major in Mathematics? That is the question!

What major do you plan on pursuing? What career path do you want to follow? The list of these intimidating question goes on and on. Knowing how to even begin to answer these questions can be overwhelming. With sector requirements, major prerequisites, and the genuine wish to explore all the classes that Penn has to offer, it can sometimes be hard to choose your class schedule. Well here’s some food for thought: your major is not 100% definitive of what careers you can pursue.

Fashion power pointCase and point: On Saturday, Penn’s Design 2 Show club welcomed back esteemed alum Brigette Kolson, production manager of the luxury brand Prabal Gurung. She graduated from Penn in 2008 with a Bachelor Degree in Neuroscience and Mathematics. So how did she end up in fashion? Bridgette said that she had always loved fashion, and when she decided that it was the career she wanted to pursue, she acted on it. She enrolled in FIT in New York City and completed an Associate Degree in Fashion Design-Apparel in 2009. So don’t stress out too much about what you major in, while it does affect what careers you can be, there’s always time for reevaluation!

fashion shortsIn addition to advice about pursuing fashion, especially at an institution in which there is no fashion program, Bridgette also spoke about the process that garments go through before they hit the runway. She described product development from inspiration through creation and technical design. She even brought four in-house pieces for us to get an up-close look at the haute couture garments. I was most impressed by the great detailing on the pieces. I loved the pops of color, the touch of the silk, and the stitching on the pieces. Below, fellow FHer Roopa Shankar poses with a bustier dress that hasn’t even hit stores yet!

fashion dress

Design 2 Show is incredible group for anyone interesting in fashion. Check them out on Facebook for updates on internship panels, information sessions, and news about the upcoming Penn Fashion week!

fashion sketch

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