Will you be my Valentine?

Hearts on our mantel.

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, I’ve heard countless amounts of complaints from my Penn peers about not having anyone to celebrate the amorous days with. But I beg to differ, there are so many people that we can share the special day with.

What I mean is: why shouldn’t the love we have for our closest friends not be recognized? My friends and I have opted to go out to Ben & Jerry’s to celebrate together (Max Brenner is guaranteed to be super packed and super expensive, anyway)! And time permitting, we might even watch a movie together. Maybe the appropriately titled Valentine’s Day with a star studded cast ranging from Ashton Kutcher to Julia Roberts? Or maybe “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”?

And I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Yes, “L is for the way you look at me,” a la Mr. Nat King Cole. But also, “Friendship never ends,” as the British powerhouse the Spice Girls said most recently on their return album.

Valentine Shiny Hearts

And so, I got to thinking….I’ve got a lot of love in my life. I don’t think we should discount any of the love we have on Valentine’s Day simply because it isn’t romantic. I’ve got the love from my extremely adoring parents and entire family. I’ve got the love from all of my high school friends and friends back home. And now, the love just keeps growing as I keep making new friends, and Penn becomes more and more my home.

None are better than another per se; it’s all love in the end.

To know someone, care for them, be genuinely happy for their success, but also be able to pick them up when they’re down – now that’s real love. As Mary J Blige said, “Real love…I’m searching for a real love.”

But for those of you who still want the perfect date for Valentine’s Day, you still have time!  And perhaps you’ll delightfully surprised. Call on Penn Admirers or Penn Compliments if necessary to send them a hint!

Photos by PV KS and Terren in Virginia (used under Flickr’s Creative Common License)
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