Call me…Crazy?

I didn’t enroll in a writing seminar last semester, but somehow I felt like I did. Everyone around me was complaining about how awful it was, and it honestly made me dread second semester, as I knew I would be enrolling in one


Call me crazy, or perhaps I’m counting my eggs before they hatch, but as of right now don’t see why it’s so bad. I’m enrolled in “Beyond Will & Grace”, and I couldn’t love it any more.  As the title implies, the course digs deep into shows like Will & Grace, and tries to analyze the nuances and the importance each show had in the history of gay characters on television. It connects seamlessly with my Communications course titled “Mass Media and Society” (which I highly recommend!).


So far we’ve watched, Ellen (yes – Ellen DeGeneres had sitcom before she became a talk show host), Will & Grace, Queer as Folk, and The L Word. Ellen’s show played a key role in TV history as the character Ellen Morgan was the first openly gay main character on a primetime sitcom. The episode in which the character “comes out” aired in 1997, less than 20 years ago.

The L Word

Its almost unimaginable for me to think here was a time where there weren’t gay characters on TV as many of my favorite shows have gay characters like the lovely Stanford of Sex and The City and Marco of Degrassi: The Next Generation. I particularly like The L Word and may soon add this show to my list.

And so, I’ll keep you posted on my writing seminar developments. Perhaps when the midterm portfolios are due I will feel differently? I haven’t quite garnered an opinion on what I think the class is doing for my writing, but I’ll keep you posted. For now, I’m going complete my homework assignment: watch a couple of episodes of Modern Family and Glee. Jealous?

Modern Family

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