Dreams Do Come True: NYFW

Last Tuesday, one of my dreams came true. I, along with fellow Fisher Hassenfelder Roopa Shankar, attended New York Fashion Week. It was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t have been luckier to attend with such an incredible friend and to see such an incredible collection. With 47 looks in the Naeem Khan Fall 2013 show, we were in for a special treat. Naeem Khan is an incredible designer whose creations are worn by celebrities ranging from actress Leighton Meester to the first lady Mrs. Michelle Obama.

Rolanda at NYFW

The experience of attending Fashion Week really began once we stepped off the subway at the 66th Street station. All attendees get off at the same stop, and we admired the sartorial talents of each one of them. From neon orange hats, to mile long black leather Louboutin boots, the street style was eclectic and inspirational. Walking towards Lincoln Center and seeing all the photographers made us feel like we were entering a new world…a world where everyone dressed to the nines.

NYFW ticket

We soon proceeded to Naeem Khan’s show.  Luckily, we were able to sit in the third row, as opposed to the “Standing” section as our ticket indicated. The lights then dimmed, and the show began. Here are my two favorite looks!

NYFW white dress

This look is goddess meets angel. The snow white combined with the silver metallic detailing is not only aesthetically gorgeous but also creates the perfect hourglass silhouette. The deep neckline is sensual yet classy, and the pleated layering of material makes the entire look that much more elegant. Job well done!

NYFW black dress

This look demanded attention as soon as the model step foot on the runway. The huge black veil was impressive. Coupled with a bedazzled fitted top and form fitting black pants, the silhouette of this look was one of a kind. It screamed royalty and power without muttering a word.

Throughout the entire show, I simply wanted to experience and take in everything that was around me. So much to the point that there was an instance when I teared up. My tears weren’t only for the pieces’ high caliber of beauty, but also for the mere opportunity to be in the presence of all the top editors, writers, bloggers, and more of the industry in which I dream of pursuing my career. My only hope is that I will one day return to NYFW and sit in a chair marked with my name as the bloggers, buyers, and editors of the industry did on Tuesday.

NYFW runway

So keep reaching for the stars fellow FH-mates! I know we can do it. The sky is the limit!

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