The FH Instagram Contest: “Shake it like a Polaroid Picture”

Camera in mirrorAttention Fisher Hassenfeld shutter bugs:

The FH Instagram Contest is going strong – we have six winners so far! A solid group of residents have participated,  but I know there are more of us on Instagram than we’ve seen in the mix so far.

It’s a total snap to enter (pun intended!) — You can submit photos of anything around our house: architecture, people, scenes, or events …ANYTHING FH related! All you have to do is post the photo on Instagram and tag the photo with #FHContest. Each Monday, a winner is chosen, and the winning photo will be printed and hung up in the FH Instagram Gallery on the 1st Floor Craig (by the Equipment Office and pool table) and also shared on FH’s website and Facebook page.

Insta winners wall

Feel free to submit every week. At the end of the semester, all winners’ names will get entered into a drawing for a Polaroid Camera! (If you win multiple times, your name goes into the drawing multiple times). Now go get creative and happy gramming!

Top photo by Anna Russet (used under the Flickr Creative Commons license)
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