“I’m in Miami Trick” (Psyche!): Farewell Spring Break

Welcome back my fellow Fisher Hassenfelders!

As I’m sure you’ve been thinking, I too can’t believe that Spring Break has come and gone. I mean, where does the time go? Whether you were here on campus, or perhaps off in Cancun (lucky!), or maybe just at home relaxing and catching up on your favorite TV series (Scandal, anyone?), Spring Break was a great time to slow down and think of things other than work!

girl relaxing

For me, Spring Break was great in that I did absolutely no work (seeing that I spent five hours in the library on Sunday, maybe it wasn’t the greatest idea?), but ironically it wasn’t restful. Since many of my high school friends weren’t on Spring Break last week, I chose to visit them at their universities. Traveling is so exhausting, especially when rushing for a Bolt Bus with suitcase in hand during a blizzard.

view from bus window

But even if it wasn’t restful, I wouldn’t have traded in my Spring Break experiences for anything else! I was able to spend quality time with my high school best friends as well as their current friends. I loved being immersed in their “realities,” especially since they were so different in comparison to Penn. I even got to visit two cities that I’m pretty unfamiliar with- Boston and Baltimore. While my friends all enjoy their college experiences, my trips to these schools made me love Penn even more and reaffirmed the idea that Penn is the perfect place for me.

I appreciate the fact that Penn has an eclectic group of people with different interests. I think it allows me to learn about subjects that I wouldn’t otherwise be interested in or be exposed to. Additionally, when I explained to my friends’ peers about my work with The WALK, Penn’s fashion magazine, as well as D2S, Penn’s runway club, they were completely surprised and intrigued. They told me that they didn’t have clubs that pertained to fashion and/or had fashion clubs that were that active. This boggled my mind because I am such an active member in both clubs, and one of my favorite things about Penn is that I can share my passion for fashion even when we don’t have an official fashion curriculum or department (even though it would be great if we did; sign the petition). Consumer Psychology, the minor which I wish to pursue as well as the Retailing courses in Wharton that I plan to take advantage of add to the list of incredible opportunities that Penn offers.


And so, while I didn’t want Spring Break to end, I was very happy that the campus to which I was returning was Penn’s. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

We are so lucky to attend Penn, and while that midterm next Monday or during the week of Fling (seriously?) can make it harder to believe, it is most definitely true!

Enjoy your week back!

Photos by MShades,  Susan NYC (Used under the Flickr Creative Commons license)
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