Fling. Flang. Flung.

Last weekend was my first Penn Spring Fling. For many, this was their second Fling experience, having attended the infamous Passion Pit/Tiesto concert last year. However, with nothing to compare to this year’s Fling to, I must say I had an incredible time! Probably the most fun weekend I’ve had at Penn so far, actually.

I remember a couple of weeks ago when SPEC announced the headliner of Fling’s concert, Girl Talk (for those of you who don’t know, he is a male DJ), as well as the openers Janelle Monae and Tyga, there was a lot of disapproval and dissatisfaction. To anyone with a Facebook News Feed (just about everyone?) the disappointment was clear and obvious. And I will say, I was disappointed too. Having never heard of Girl Talk before and not really caring for Tyga, I wasn’t extremely elated over this year’s concert line up. Nevertheless, I bought a floor ticket (go hard or go home, right?) since this was my first fling experience and many of my friends were planning on buying them as well. And boy, let me tell you, was I happy that I did too.


Having floor passes, my friends and I made sure to arrive to the concert early to ensure that we had good spots—AKA first row. Tyga’s performance was neither here nor there (but can I ask, who is ‘Penn University?’). Janelle Monae, on the other hand —there are no words! Her performance, her presence, her energy…everything was perfect. Even though I only knew the words to one of her songs (“Tightrope”, anyone?), I fully enjoyed her ENTIRE performance. At one point, she even moonwalked across the stage and crowd surfed the floor section (yes, I know; too cool). A Penn junior near me even said, “I’ve never seen a woman look so good in a suit!”

Janelle Monta

Up next was Girl Talk. Having waited for about 20 minutes for Janelle’s set to be cleared and his equipment to be assembled, it started to rain! (I’m now starting to think that that’s why I have a sore throat.) But to my surprise, Girl Talk was INCREDIBLE. I previously was disappointed because I didn’t know who he was. But as a DJ using other artists’ music, Girl Talk mixed many songs with which I was familiar! I especially appreciated all the old school hip-hop and R&B songs that he used. So my trip down memory lane, all while jumping, screaming and having confetti and toilet paper stream down on me was the perfect culmination to a great concert!

cat and rolanda

Besides the great concert, I simply enjoyed Fling because it was an allotted time to relax. For three days, I was not thinking about work, and I did no work (when will that ever happen again?). I also loved being able to just run into friends from different social groups and spend time with them. It was like there was no care in the world. No deadline to make. No assignment to submit. No online homework to complete. Just pure fun.

So I loved my first Spring Fling experience. And now, I know why so many people look forward to this time of year! I’ll actually also be attending Slope Day (Cornell’s Spring Fling), and I’m really excited to spend my time with some of my best friends at Cornell, but nothing could ever replace the incredible weekend that I had here at Penn with my beyond incredible Penn friends.

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