All In Good Time


Apparently, our Housing Department has been receiving a lot of questions about Move-In. Though it’s still a few months off, we thought we’d address the most common thing that is being asked.

When do we get to move in??

PLEASE, refer to your Move-in Date and Time WITHIN Campus Express! This is by far the most accurate means of figuring out exactly when you’re scheduled to move into Fisher Hassenfeld (or whatever College House you’re assigned to!).

Some parents have been asking about the possibility of paying to move in early, on Wednesday, August 21st. This is a tad bit confusing: although this was an option in prior years, it no longer is. The only time you should attempt to arrive is during your assigned move-in time. There is a strict policy in place that no freshman will be permitted to move-in prior to Thursday, August 22nd unless approved by the Office of Student Disability Services and/or for some extremely extenuating circumstance.

We know you’re excited to get here (just as we are excited to meet you!), and that the idea of trying to come early may be appealing. However, please respect the policies in place, which are set up to make the move-in process as efficient and streamlined as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 215-573-4295 with any questions, or for any further clarification!

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