Fling. Flang. Flung.

Last weekend was my first Penn Spring Fling. For many, this was their second Fling experience, having attended the infamous Passion Pit/Tiesto concert last year. However, with nothing to compare to this year’s Fling to, I must say I had an incredible time! Probably the most fun weekend I’ve had at Penn so far, actually.

I remember a couple of weeks ago when SPEC announced the headliner of Fling’s concert, Girl Talk (for those of you who don’t know, he is a male DJ), as well as the openers Janelle Monae and Tyga, there was a lot of disapproval and dissatisfaction. To anyone with a Facebook News Feed (just about everyone?) the disappointment was clear and obvious. And I will say, I was disappointed too. Having never heard of Girl Talk before and not really caring for Tyga, I wasn’t extremely elated over this year’s concert line up. Nevertheless, I bought a floor ticket (go hard or go home, right?) since this was my first fling experience and many of my friends were planning on buying them as well. And boy, let me tell you, was I happy that I did too.


Having floor passes, my friends and I made sure to arrive to the concert early to ensure that we had good spots—AKA first row. Tyga’s performance was neither here nor there (but can I ask, who is ‘Penn University?’). Janelle Monae, on the other hand —there are no words! Her performance, her presence, her energy…everything was perfect. Even though I only knew the words to one of her songs (“Tightrope”, anyone?), I fully enjoyed her ENTIRE performance. At one point, she even moonwalked across the stage and crowd surfed the floor section (yes, I know; too cool). A Penn junior near me even said, “I’ve never seen a woman look so good in a suit!”

Janelle Monta

Up next was Girl Talk. Having waited for about 20 minutes for Janelle’s set to be cleared and his equipment to be assembled, it started to rain! (I’m now starting to think that that’s why I have a sore throat.) But to my surprise, Girl Talk was INCREDIBLE. I previously was disappointed because I didn’t know who he was. But as a DJ using other artists’ music, Girl Talk mixed many songs with which I was familiar! I especially appreciated all the old school hip-hop and R&B songs that he used. So my trip down memory lane, all while jumping, screaming and having confetti and toilet paper stream down on me was the perfect culmination to a great concert!

cat and rolanda

Besides the great concert, I simply enjoyed Fling because it was an allotted time to relax. For three days, I was not thinking about work, and I did no work (when will that ever happen again?). I also loved being able to just run into friends from different social groups and spend time with them. It was like there was no care in the world. No deadline to make. No assignment to submit. No online homework to complete. Just pure fun.

So I loved my first Spring Fling experience. And now, I know why so many people look forward to this time of year! I’ll actually also be attending Slope Day (Cornell’s Spring Fling), and I’m really excited to spend my time with some of my best friends at Cornell, but nothing could ever replace the incredible weekend that I had here at Penn with my beyond incredible Penn friends.

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Another Dream Come True: Rent the Runway Capstone Weekend 2013

Attending NY Fashion Week was a dream come true. As if that wasn’t enough, this weekend, I had the opportunity to meet some of the most intelligent and successful female entrepreneurs and leaders! How? I attended the annual Rent the Runway Capstone Weekend in New York City. It was a fashionable weekend full of designers, entrepreneurs, and editors.

rent the runway capstone

Rent the Runway kicked of the weekend on Friday with a “Girls Night Out” event. Sally Hansen, Neutrogena, Blow, and others all set up mini stations, allowing for us to receive the cutest mini makeovers. We spent the night chatting with other college fashionistas from all over the country. As if that wasn’t enough, we later heard from the CEO of Rent the Runway, Jennifer Hyman, and reality TV-star turned entrepreneur, Lo Bosworth, who both gave empowering words of encouragement to the room of motivated young college women. These women were inspirations, especially to us college students who often question the path we are on, to be open-minded, to remain involved, and to continue pursing our dreams.

lo bosworth

Day 2 was rightly titled “Marketing Bootcamp.” Bright and early at 9am on Saturday morning through 6pm that evening, we had the opportunity to hear from so many established women in the field of fashion. We heard from everyone from the executive fashion editor of Lucky Magazine, Alexis Bryan Morgan, to Michelle Stein, President of AEFFE, a company that represents Alberta Feretti, Moschino, and many other designers. Not to mention, Jennifer Fleiss, cofounder of Rent the Runway, and designer Erin Fetherston also made appearances and gave speeches. All in all, hearing from such influential women in the industry was beyond inspirational, and my passion for fashion was definitely reaffirmed. But beyond that, this weekend also assured me that my dream of working in the fashion industry is attainable, and with the right amount of hard work and dedication it is possible to be successful.

erin featherston

On Day 3, we visited the Rent the Runway offices to interview for internships and on- campus representative positions. It was incredible to be in the office and see where all of the magic happens. From the sketches that lined the walls to the designer dress filled racks that lined the halls, it was such a creative space, even while under construction. Speaking to the Rent the Runway team and seeing the amount of enthusiasm they had for their jobs spoke volumes to the company’s culture and the kind of work environment that they foster there. If you’re interested in becoming an on campus representative here at Penn, make sure to visit their website for more information.

I couldn’t have asked for a more insightful, informational, and inspirational weekend, all thanks to Rent the Runway, and I can’t wait for Capstone Weekend 2014!

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D2S Spring Fashion Show: Welcome to the Dollhouse

penn dollhouse flyer

On Saturday, March 30th, Dzine2Show kicked off Penn’s Fashion Week with an incredible fashion show. Bodek Hall was transformed into a dollhouse, complete with ribbon-adorned and bow-adorned columns and pink decorations. The runway cruised the middle of the lounge for the models to showcase some of this season’s hottest clothes and trends. The show featured clothing from local Philly boutiques like Bonded, Nitwit, Aoki, and Piper as well as from chain stores like Club Monaco and even from the online fashion website, Rent the Runway. The show, however, opened with some of Penn’s students’ original designs. Seeing their work really served as inspiration to me and made me want to pick up sewing again. The pieces were so intricate and beautiful; it amazed me that they were not pro-apparel. To me, it’s mind-boggling to think that that the Penn community would be completely unaware of this talent that so many Penn students possess were it not for this show! The amount of talent here never ceases to impress me. The fashion show ended with a finale of all the models who threw out free Rent the Runway giveaway bracelets. But that wasn’t all! Fashion show attendees also received a free goodie bag in the form of a Penn Fashion Week 2013 tote filled with free swag from different companies. Amongst the goodies are a Fab.com gift card, Rent the Runway nail file, Rent the Runway gift coupons, and more!

d2zine show 1d2zine show 3d2zine show 2

So make sure to come out to Penn Fashion Week. There are so many incredible events lined up this week. This year, fashion week particularly tries to interact with fashion from a different perspective. For example, on Wednesday, April 3rd there is an event called “Luxury Cars & Fashion” as well as at 5pm in JMHH 245 an event called “Sports in Fashion.” Plus, free giveaways and prizes for some of the first attendees- a win/win!

Even more exciting, on Thursday April 4 at 4:30pm Aslaug Magnusdottir, the CEO of Moda Operandi and keynote speaker of fashion week, will be presenting in JMHH 345. Dubbed “the fairy godmother of fashion” by Vogue, this is an event you won’t want to miss. Make sure to ‘like’ Penn Fashion Week on Facebook to get all updates as well as visit the website to watch the promo video and receive more information!

Nearly 2 months ago, I had my first New York Fashion Week experience, and I was blown away. Now, I am beyond excited for my first Penn Fashion Week experience. Moments like these often cause me to sit back and think, wow…I really do LOVE Penn.

Penn Fashion week flyers

Runway photos by Isabella Gong
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Movie to Watch: Friends with Kids

Whenever I have free time, which doesn’t seem to be often, I get really excited. Free time means I have the liberty to do ANYTHING. After my grueling week of exams, I decided to reward myself with a much-needed break. To relax, I decided to watch a movie – I love watching movies! It allows me to get lost in that newly created world and to forget about any worries or responsibilities that I have in the “real world.” When I’m able to let go in that way, I know that the director, screenwriter, actors and actresses, etc. did a job well done!

devil wears prada

something borrowed

I have a habit of re-watching movies I’ve already seen numerous times…sometimes to the point where I’ve memorized the lines (think Miranda Priestly’s ‘Cerulean’ monologue in the Devil Wears Prada) or even choreography (think Darcy & Rachel’s rendition of Salt N Pepa’s “Push It” in Something Borrowed). Feeling adventurous, I opted for a film that I had never seen before: Friends with Kids. I will admit, however, that I was excited about the movie due to two movies I’ve already seen. Friends with Kids reunites 4 of the cast members from the Bridesmaids, one of my favorite movies (FH even voted to watch it at the sleepout last semester). Secondly, the movie’s title references the movie Friends with Benefits, another one of my favorite movies (who couldn’t love Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis?).

friends with kids

Friends with Kids asks all the right questions about love, happiness, relationships, marriage, and children. I feel like marriage is often coupled with starting a family, but this isn’t necessarily true. But rarely is the idea of intentionally having kids without getting married explored in film.  In this movie, Julie (Jennifer Westfeldt) and Jason (Adam Scott) decide to have kid without getting married in order to skip the complications they think that marriage causes (due to the observation of the deteriorating relationships of their friends). The catch is that Julie and Jason aren’t in love, but as the title suggests, simply friends. The movie chronicles their relationship with each other, their newborn child, as well as their romantic relationships with others.

SPOILER ALERT (or maybe not? is it too predictable?): In the end, Jason and Julie do end up together. While the idea of marriage is never brought up again, the idea is that their 19-year friendship does turn romantic while also leaving viewers with the idea that they will continue to create a family.

I would definitely recommend this movie for anyone who would like a good laugh, as it’s most definitely funny! I also love the way the movie redefines ‘family.’ It even made me ponder my thoughts on marriage and its real purpose as well as societal pressure for a woman to have kids (Julie opts for this because she feels she’s getting old).

Maybe the age-old saying… “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage” needs to be rewritten?


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You’ve got Mail

Yesterday, I committed the unlikely occurrence of visiting my mailbox. Sometimes, I forget that I even have one, and so I probably collect mail every 3 weeks, at most. But yesterday, since my House Council meeting got moved to Craig 107 (right near the elevator), I decided to check my mail… and boy was I in for a surprise(s)!


My favorite surprise was a postcard from one of my best friends from home. She is currently taking a gap year abroad in Peru, and to hold her letter with the Cuban postmark just made me smile – I felt like I was that much closer to her. She even sent me a friendship bracelet straight from the island off of Lake Titicaca!

Coupled around the postcard were two periodicals, both of which I was initially beyond excited to receive: a J.Crew catalog and the April issue of Glamour magazine. Glamour is my favorite magazine and after scratching my cuticles to pull the magazine out (apologies and thanks to the postman who has to intricately roll my monthly magazines so that they always fit), I felt like I’d finally dug out the hidden treasure. I flipped the magazine over, excited to find out who this month’s cover star was, and I couldn’t be more disappointed.

I didn’t have a problem with who the cover star was, but rather what she was wearing. Better stated, I had a problem with what she wasn’t wearing-a top. Yes. There on the cover of my magazine was a naked woman. You can call me old-fashioned or maybe a little too sensitive, but I think there are way too many issues with this cover:

kate hudson glamour

1)    I have been a subscriber to Glamour for about 3 years and can’t ever remember being this horrified by a cover. Certainly, when I received the May 2012 issue dawning a topless Lauren Conrad, I did have some qualms. But I brushed off my sentiments, as it was the “swimsuit issue”. Lauren was near a pool, and, maybe most importantly, she was sideways with half of her back turned to the reader. But this issue is different. This cover, with it’s full frontal of a nude Kate Hudson covering her breasts with one hand, outrightly draws attention to Kate Hudson’s sexual appeal. In fact, the magazine is using this sexual appeal to sell issues. Isn’t that why she’s on the cover?

lauren conrad glamour

2)    You may be thinking: well, yes! Isn’t that what a magazine does? Strategies like these that make up the Playboy Franchise as well help magazines like Maxim and Sports Illustrated to thrive. But that’s exactly my point. Those magazines have created and established their brands and are consequentially aimed at a different target audience: males. (My qualms with those magazines would have to be addressed in a different post!) Glamour’s media kit specifies that 95% of its audience is comprised of women. If this is the case, to whom is Glamour trying to appeal? Or are they simply joining in with the plethora of other magazines in objectifying a woman’s body?

3)    According to their website, Glamour is “our guide to the latest fashion trends, outfit ideas, hair + makeup how-to’s, and celebrity scoop.” I don’t understand how Kate’s image is selling that aim. Her minimal clothing seems to draw attention away from fashion. The headline “Damn Kate, You Look Good,” simply reaffirms my belief.

I have yet to read this month’s magazine issue, but I don’t see how I can read it and take anything Kate or Glamour, as a matter of fact, says seriously. For a magazine that claims to stand up for women’s self worth, body image, and so many other self-affirming ideals, I couldn’t feel more objectified. And, perhaps, hearing it from Glamour, as opposed to Maxim or Sports Illustrated, makes it hurt even more.

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“I’m in Miami Trick” (Psyche!): Farewell Spring Break

Welcome back my fellow Fisher Hassenfelders!

As I’m sure you’ve been thinking, I too can’t believe that Spring Break has come and gone. I mean, where does the time go? Whether you were here on campus, or perhaps off in Cancun (lucky!), or maybe just at home relaxing and catching up on your favorite TV series (Scandal, anyone?), Spring Break was a great time to slow down and think of things other than work!

girl relaxing

For me, Spring Break was great in that I did absolutely no work (seeing that I spent five hours in the library on Sunday, maybe it wasn’t the greatest idea?), but ironically it wasn’t restful. Since many of my high school friends weren’t on Spring Break last week, I chose to visit them at their universities. Traveling is so exhausting, especially when rushing for a Bolt Bus with suitcase in hand during a blizzard.

view from bus window

But even if it wasn’t restful, I wouldn’t have traded in my Spring Break experiences for anything else! I was able to spend quality time with my high school best friends as well as their current friends. I loved being immersed in their “realities,” especially since they were so different in comparison to Penn. I even got to visit two cities that I’m pretty unfamiliar with- Boston and Baltimore. While my friends all enjoy their college experiences, my trips to these schools made me love Penn even more and reaffirmed the idea that Penn is the perfect place for me.

I appreciate the fact that Penn has an eclectic group of people with different interests. I think it allows me to learn about subjects that I wouldn’t otherwise be interested in or be exposed to. Additionally, when I explained to my friends’ peers about my work with The WALK, Penn’s fashion magazine, as well as D2S, Penn’s runway club, they were completely surprised and intrigued. They told me that they didn’t have clubs that pertained to fashion and/or had fashion clubs that were that active. This boggled my mind because I am such an active member in both clubs, and one of my favorite things about Penn is that I can share my passion for fashion even when we don’t have an official fashion curriculum or department (even though it would be great if we did; sign the petition). Consumer Psychology, the minor which I wish to pursue as well as the Retailing courses in Wharton that I plan to take advantage of add to the list of incredible opportunities that Penn offers.


And so, while I didn’t want Spring Break to end, I was very happy that the campus to which I was returning was Penn’s. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

We are so lucky to attend Penn, and while that midterm next Monday or during the week of Fling (seriously?) can make it harder to believe, it is most definitely true!

Enjoy your week back!

Photos by MShades,  Susan NYC (Used under the Flickr Creative Commons license)
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The FH Instagram Contest: “Shake it like a Polaroid Picture”

Camera in mirrorAttention Fisher Hassenfeld shutter bugs:

The FH Instagram Contest is going strong – we have six winners so far! A solid group of residents have participated,  but I know there are more of us on Instagram than we’ve seen in the mix so far.

It’s a total snap to enter (pun intended!) — You can submit photos of anything around our house: architecture, people, scenes, or events …ANYTHING FH related! All you have to do is post the photo on Instagram and tag the photo with #FHContest. Each Monday, a winner is chosen, and the winning photo will be printed and hung up in the FH Instagram Gallery on the 1st Floor Craig (by the Equipment Office and pool table) and also shared on FH’s website and Facebook page.

Insta winners wall

Feel free to submit every week. At the end of the semester, all winners’ names will get entered into a drawing for a Polaroid Camera! (If you win multiple times, your name goes into the drawing multiple times). Now go get creative and happy gramming!

Top photo by Anna Russet (used under the Flickr Creative Commons license)
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